Monday, February 25, 2008

Ask Mike Dee

I think that Mike Dee having his very own relationship advice column is a f*cking great idea! He needs another creative outlet in which he gets to rant, share his knowledge of .....? Well.? Whatever Mike Dee has knowledge of in this case it would be relationships. So there please give Mike Dee a virtual voice and if it turns out to be bad advice so what, it will be pretty f*ckin' entertaining either way... dontcha think? Plus having someone famous on your website will help sales a lot!


Anonymous said...

yo, is the d for diamond?

Continuum Cycles said... seems that Mike Dee is way too busy with his extravagant semi famous lifstyle to take time out to work on " Ask Mike Dee" We decided that this is ok since you can just ask him for relationship advice in person when ever you see him on the streets. He will be the guy on the black cargo bike screaming at people to get the fuck out of the way as he blasts through the streets and sometimes the sidewalks of NYC wearing a full face helmet with dreads flowing out the back. If you are lucky you can catch him working on his cargo-bike backwards circles and bar spins @ Union Square.

Continuum Cycles said...

OH by the way this blog doesnt have to be just about Mike Dee.