Thursday, October 27, 2011

Continuum Cycles Loves Coffee

ok, so its been a while since ive been on here. Years actually. What brings me here today is, we are opening a Coffee Shop! On the same block as our store location. It will be very cycling oriented but we welcome everyone. There are a few things I love more than anything. That is bikes, coffee, and people. So i figured if i could bring all of that together then hoorah! We are planning on opening in about a month. Ive been talking about this for almost 4 years now, so i think it's time. We will be having a opening party where everyone will be invited for a coffee tasting and a treat off! the treat off will determine which pastry supplier we will use. It's up to you guys. We will have VEGAN TREATS TOO! Movie nights, bicycle art, books, clothing and tubes, patches, lights, pumps and much more until late night. Also remember, we are open for everyone. Cyclist or not. Maybe we can get you on a bike? Anyway, ill keep everyone posted via email, word of mouth and facebook. You can also just come by and check on our progress. Ask us the opening date as much as you want. Thanks for your support.


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